We’re starting to get antsy for a concert, and luckily for us- there’s one right around the corner! Since signing to H1GHR MUSIC, JAY B has reinvented himself and started a new chapter of his idol career as a soloist. With his newly released debut album, SOMO:FUME, JAY B has…


We are happy to announcement the partnership with H1ghrmusic Records.

H1GHRMUSIC RECORDS Inc. is a Korean-based hip-hop label providing opportunities for talented but undiscovered artists by sharing their visions through H1GHRMUSIC RECORDS’ unique foundation.

Utilizing extensive experience in music production and a vast international network from Seattle to Seoul, it will lead the global industry with creative and popular artists.

Xeno and H1ghrmusic Records will collaborate to release NFTs with the music artists management by H1ghrmusic Records.

Xeno official website: https://xno.live

Xeno marketplace: https://market.xno.live

Xeno Official Medium: https://xenonfthub.medium.com

Xeno Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/xenonfthub


*Application: Anyone who has a passion to become an NFT artist

*Time: Aug 30th, 2021 — September 12th, 2021

*Announcement of the winners: September 17th, 2021

*Conditions and benefits :

(1) Top-ranked arts will be displayed on COEX Avenue Digital Display

(2) Opportunity to participate in future Xeno offline exhibition

(3) Opportunity to participate in Xeno Airdrop Event

(4) Supports in Instagram and Twitter marketing promotions

(5) $1,000 rewards per winner (Total 5 winners)

(6) Opportunity to receive designated artist’s page in Xeno NFT Marketplace

(7) Opportunity to join the profit-sharing partnership program

(8) Opportunity to network with collectors and other artists as a Xeno collaborated partner artist

Xeno official website: https://xno.live

Xeno marketplace: https://market.xno.live

Xeno Official Medium: https://xenonfthub.medium.com

Xeno Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/xenonfthub

Dear Xeno Community Members

Today, we would like to share an important announcement with the Community.

We are well aware of the recent inconveniences due to the paused XNO smart contract in relation to the hacking incident in Liquid Global Exchange. It was our immediate effort to maintain the highest…

Dear Xeno Community,

The Xeno team is happy to announce that it has released its Xeno Substrate Testnet repository on Github!

This release is the first step in Xeno’s journey towards achieving a cross-chain NFT creation application and NFT marketplace. The repository contains the first testnet version of the Substrate-based…

Dear Xeno Community members!

First of all, we apologize for the slight delay on the implementation of XNO token to Xeno NFT Hub Marketplace.

Starting yesterday, XNO tokens (along with USDC and USDT) will be available for Marketplace trading. XNO will now be the primarily supported currency on the Xeno Marketplace allowing all current XNO holders to gain the first big benefit from XNO. While USDC, USDT, and ETH are available to create and bid in NFT listings as well, using XNO tokens for listing and bidding brings a 20% reduced fee.

Please stay tuned for more progress announcements as well as announcements for our many planned events and ecosystem incentive programs in the coming weeks.

The Xeno Team

Dear Xeno Community members!

The Xeno team has been putting a lot of effort in the last few weeks to upgrade the Xeno Marketplace platform and we are thrilled to announce the implementation of the first use case of XNO tokens.

Starting next week, XNO tokens (along with USDC and…

This week Xeno NFT Hub (xeno.live) and Kalamint (kalamint.io) have announced that they are exploring a future cross-chain collaboration.

Xeno NFT Hub is launching a full NFT parachain marketplace into the Polkadot ecosystem looking to leverage on the network’s flexibility and interoperability to provide top standard service to its users…

Hong Kong-based Xeno Holdings Limited made the announcement that it will expand its presence in the South Korean market. After a recent investment and collaboration agreement with Gloucester Hotel Jeju for conducting hotel, resort, tourism, and leisure business in Jeju Island, Xeno Holdings has also recently acquired a Korean investment…


The marketplace and ecosystem for creating and trading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) — https://xno.live

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