Hong Kong based Xeno Holdings expands investment to South Korea

Hong Kong-based Xeno Holdings Limited made the announcement that it will expand its presence in the South Korean market. After a recent investment and collaboration agreement with Gloucester Hotel Jeju for conducting hotel, resort, tourism, and leisure business in Jeju Island, Xeno Holdings has also recently acquired a Korean investment consulting firm to lead an initiative and organize a review on making additional investments in the South Korean market.

Xeno Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong-based Investment Company with a portfolio of technology-oriented start-ups. Xeno Holdings has a great interest in the blockchain industry by recently launching the NFT marketplace product, Xeno NFT Hub. Not only interested in the blockchain industry, Xeno Holdings also has expanded interest in other strong industries such as artificial intelligence, IT, commercial commerce, tourism, and entertainment, just to name a few. Xeno has already completed discussions with some Korean-based companies and is progressing to detail conditions for investment including preparing an equity investment for a Kosdaq listed company.

“The Asian market, particularly South Korea, has become significantly important and we have adjusted our involvement and portfolio weighting of it. We no longer view the Korean market as a testbed but rather see it as an important hub to penetrate and expand into the Asian market. With this long-term perspective, Xeno Holdings will efficiently utilize its current partner network as well as its own internal funds for aggressive investments in promising South Korean companies.” Said Dr. Alan Miller, president of Xeno Holdings Limited.

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