Important Announcement — Token Swap

Dear Xeno Community Members

Today, we would like to share an important announcement with the Community.

We are well aware of the recent inconveniences due to the paused XNO smart contract in relation to the hacking incident in Liquid Global Exchange. It was our immediate effort to maintain the highest level of security and prevent any further impact on the XNO ecosystem. As a result, Xeno Foundation has decided to upgrade and swap the existing ERC20 XNO token smart contract to secure and maintain the interest of XNO Token holders.

We believe this is the best solution for our existing and future XNO Token holders and we appreciate the support from the community.

The old ERC20 contract will be deprecated and paused indefinitely. The new ERC20 contract can be viewed on Over the next few days the Xeno Team will execute a process of re-distributing token balances to all XNO holders equivalent to current tokens holding (except for those funds related to the hacking incident, they will be returned to Liquid Global Exchange custody).

Further XNO token swap updates will be made through Xeno official channels as they come. We appreciate your support and please stay tuned for further announcements.

Thank you

The Xeno Team

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