XENO for NFT creators and buyers

Who can become an NFT creator on XENO HUB?

Practically anyone can become an NFT creator. If you have passion and understand the basic principles of blockchain

XENO has a templated NFT creator that allows individuals and businesses to quickly and easily mint their content, ideas, and products into NFT tokens for listing on the XENO marketplace.

However, XENO has a tiered creator program separated into Verified Partners and non-partners. Verified Partners enjoy elevated product exposure and listing discounts among other perks, while buyers can be assured that verified listings are produced and sourced by top tier brands and on- demand NFT products that have been decided by the community.

You want to SELL?

Anyone with existing NFTs can bring those tokens to the XENO Marketplace by connecting their crypto-wallet and making a sell order for their desired price.

Alternatively, for rare items, highly sought after items, or items that require a fair price discovery, Sellers can create an auction that will be automatically managed on the XENO blockchain according to the initial parameters they provide.

You want to BUY?

Buyers are able to search items and buy them with crypto- tokens. The initial version of XENO Marketplace will support only its native token XNO as a trade counter currency. However, we have scheduled release of ongoing integrations to bridge other trading currencies into the ecosystem including: DOT, WETH, WBTC, and any tokens with high demand from the community.

The marketplace and ecosystem for creating and trading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) — https://xno.live