Xeno NFT Hub and Kalamint forge Cross-Chain Relationship

This week Xeno NFT Hub (xeno.live) and Kalamint (kalamint.io) have announced that they are exploring a future cross-chain collaboration.

Xeno NFT Hub is launching a full NFT parachain marketplace into the Polkadot ecosystem looking to leverage on the network’s flexibility and interoperability to provide top standard service to its users by providing simple user interfaces, building NFT value aggregation through cross-network integrations, and forging strong traditional industry use cases and partnerships in the burgeoning NFT space.

Similarly, Kalamint is the first public marketplace on Tezos which focuses on allowing users to create and mint NFTs native to the Tezos network using the FA2 token standard. It also enables the buying and selling of NFTs through a Tezos linked wallet and web-based Dapp, among other planned services.

The two have recently decided to look for synergies and collaborative opportunities as a bridge between their products and respective ecosystems.

“The NFT space is really growing quickly and we feel that the ability to have a strong partner within the Tezos ecosystem is a great opportunity to explore”, said Xeno President Dr. Alan Miller. “Xeno is always looking to find ways to link NFT value between itself and other networks. Kalamint has established itself in the Tezos ecosystem with a great product and a great team. We are really excited to examine how we can collaborate with them.”

The two camps are researching various initiatives to make future collaborative works. Some of the discussed future works include mutual NFT generation, shared NFT exclusives and listing collaborations, a possible Xeno to Tezos bridge, and the ability to seamlessly migrate NFTs between marketplaces.

“Kalamint has just successfully completed its Tezos mainnet launch with great artists and community support.” said Kalamint’s CEO Sandeep Sangli. “We are excited to see Xeno is pursuing a similar path in the Polkadot ecosystem and can see a large potential for strong synergies between the two projects moving forward.”

Both Xeno and Kalamint are expected to roll out full NFT marketplace solutions sometime in 2021. As talks between Xeno and Kalamint move forward, Xeno will be sure to update our community with these exciting developments.

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